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Oxford Biomaterials' (OBM) mission is to establish a worldwide market for Spidrex and Silk Purifying technologies and to offer the Silk Life Cycle Analysis service.

OBM is furthering this aim through licensing its products for specific applications and forming joint ventures while continuing to develop novel silk-based devices in-house.
To date OBM has spun out three companies which are developing medical devices.  It is developing a Silk Life Cycle Analysis service to confirm the quality and sustainability of silk products.
OBM was spun out of Oxford University in 2001 to exploit the biomimetic spinning technology developed and patented by company founders, Professor Fritz Vollrath of the Oxford Silk Group and Dr. David Knight. Initially incorporated as Spinox Ltd., the company was seeded with start up capital from investors Technostart Gmbh and the Oxford University Challenge Fund, managed by Isis Innovations.
The original aims of the company were to develop a prototype device capable of biomimetically spinning from a protein feedstock a silk fibre which reproduced the remarkable mechanical properties of spider dragline silk. Proof of concept was successfully achieved in 2003 and the technology was sold to Spintec engineering.
Subsequently Oxford Biomaterials focussed on the development and modification of our spider silk-like fibres and scaffolds for the medical device industry. This has resulted in the development of an entirely novel range of absorbable medical devices based on our proprietary Spidrex technology platform.
Spidrex® fibres and scaffolds exhibit excellent mechanical properties, and preliminary trials have demonstrated Spidrex® to be entirely biocompatible and an excellent substrate for colonisation by mammalian cells. 
Oxford Biomaterials team
Prof Fritz Vollrath
Chief Operating Officer
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Office Administrator
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