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Spidrex Platform Technology
Spidrex is a novel material modelled on spider silk using proprietory purification processes to extract Fibroin proteins from silkworm fibres.  Spidrex's variety of forms provides
great versatility, ranging from simple fibres to complex textile based devices, films, gels, porous protein sponges or composites structures for use in medical or non-medical
Oxford Biomaterials Ltd. (OBM) has developed unique proprietary treatments to render all their silks perfectly biocompatible though preserving the mechanical properties.
Another one of the silk purification treatments provides a method of unravelling wild silks. This offers a range of sustainable biomaterials with exceptional properties.
Partnering model 
OBM is a contract R&D company providing its expertise in the fields of novel silk-based biomaterials and silk-based sustainable materials. OBM enters long term
relationships with partners, developing products or providing services according to the partners' requirements.
In the past these long term relationships have lead to joint spin out ventures.